As soon as we have a signed agreement and authorization, we can start managing the property.

There is no property too big or too small for Property Nerds to handle. 我们管理一切, from one-unit condos to luxury single-family residences to multi-unit residential buildings.

我们的目标是尽快找到合适的租户. 为了做到这一点,我们使用了各种广告平台.

 租户需要支付申请费. 我们用这笔费用进行信用检查.

We use many practical tools and different strategies to determine the proper rent price. Among other practices, we conduct deep research and market comparisons. All this combined knowledge allows us to create highly competitive rent prices.

不仅直接存款是可能的,而且我们实际上 更喜欢 以直接按金支付业主! We also encourage tenants to set up automatic electronic payments to pay their rent, and we have a secure banking website available to accept and transfer funds.

Owner distributions and prior month financial statements are typically made between the 10th and 15th of the month. Using our online access for property management, you have access to this information anytime!

是的,我们做! 为了帮助我们的主人, applicants must meet certain criteria for the specific property they want to rent from. All applicants will go through a criminal background and credit check. Criminal background will also include civil and/or criminal judgments, 拆迁, 以及欠房东或国家授权正规彩票平台机构的款项.

Please check with your insurer to make sure that you can keep the coverage. Before starting to manage, we need to see proof that you are covered. 你的保险不包括房客的个人物品. That is why all our renters need to have adequate renters insurance. 这在很大程度上有助于解决紧急问题.

首先,所有的申请者都需要通过筛选过程. After this, they’ll need to pay the security deposit and get an appointment to sign the lease. 他们需要阅读法律条款并同意所有条款.

在某些情况下,可能会有额外的费用. 房客在签订租约时需要解决这些问题.

一旦你的房客搬出去,我们会检查房子. If no damages are found, they will get the approval, along with their security deposit.

我们做进进出出检查. 我们也可以做任何你想要的检查, in order to ensure your property always stays in perfect condition and the tenants are following the regulations of the lease.

 Tenant utilities will be in their name when they move into your property. Some types of utilities could be catered for by the properties, such as trash collection or water. 所有业主的公用事业都跟他们的名字联系在一起. 这些水电费要交办公室付款. 你每月的现金流量表包括了水电费.

We have a strict policy on rent payment delays, as outlined in our lease agreements. 租户 will need to quickly pay a late fee if they fail to submit rent payments on-time. 再犯将被驱逐.

租户 are informed of the consequences of non-payment at the initial meeting. 如果租客在到期日期或之前没有国内最大的彩票app, 他们被通知领取三天的薪水或一份离职通知. A tenant failing to abide by these terms are subject to eviction notice and the eviction process will begin.

租户, 以及所有者, have the ability to submit maintenance requests directly into our online management system or, 更多的传统, through a phone call or email which is then entered into our online management system, 允许业主跟踪维护状态的能力. We aim to address maintenance requests in a timely manner so as to cause minimal damage to the house, 同时将租户的挫败感降到最低.

Our leases dictate that repairs for wear-and-tear items are covered by the owner while tenant-caused repairs are the obligation of the tenant, 我们认为哪个是可能的最公平的制度. We try to respond to all communications, maintenance requests included, within 2 hours.

我们总是通过有执照的专业人员进行维修. We’ll inform you about the details of the request and get your permission before starting any work. All maintenance and unexpected repairs are done using high-quality workers at the best price.

在财产书呆子, wanting the best for owners and tenants also means having qualified, 训练有素的, 和经验丰富的承包商处理财产问题. Property Nerds goal is to use trusted and professional workers that prove their work and gain the trust of owners. 我们理解业主想要解决问题的人, 可信的建议, 储蓄, 以及对他们资产的有效工作. We are also open to any recommendations of known and trusted services.

We do not require our owners to allow us to hold reserve cash for future repairs, 但建议他们这样做, 要么通过他们自己,要么通过我们的会计服务. 我们要求业主批准所有超过250美元的费用.

我们的在线所有者门户允许您访问大量的报告, 包括定期的收入/费用报表.

All homeowners have access to their property information through the software Buildium, 你可以通过在线或应用商店访问它. 请与我们的办公室联系,或发送电子邮件至; office@mnpmc.com 的更多信息. 每个所有者的门户都可以访问其租户的门户.

请与我们办公室联系或发电子邮件至 office@mnpmc.com 我们非常乐意帮助你. You can also refer to the FAQ sheet that was given to you at the initial set up.

如果你不愿意,你没有义务允许宠物进入. 然而, being too strict on pet regulations could cost you a considerable amount of prospective tenants.

我们在所有经营的物业内禁止吸烟. If we find evidence of smoking, the tenants will have to pay any relevant damages.

No. Having a property manager simply means you can spend more time building your investment portfolio, without having to worry about every little detail of managing your rental unit. 你仍然会参与每一个选择, and can choose how much you want to be involved in smaller decisions. 



  • 没有营销费用
  • No fees if your property is vacant, because we keep our interests in line with yours. 除非你赚钱,否则我们不赚钱.
  • No emergency fees (late-night and weekend calls for emergency repairs)
  • 无租户资格费
  • 不收取标准邮费






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