Taking the Burden of Property Management Off Your Shoulders

你们是否专门经营多户型公寓? 你需要帮助来管理它吗? 如果是这样, MN财产书呆子 可以帮助!

MN财产书呆子 is about you: our clients and tenants. Our topmost goal is to help you enjoy being a landlord, minus the hassle. As we are professionals, you’ll find us to be dependable and reliable if you decide to work with us.

除了公寓管理, we are also specialized in handling single-family homes, 公寓, 和townhomes. Whether you own one rental home or a portfolio of them, rest assured that we 可以帮助!

It also goes without saying that we’re a full-service property management company. 我们可以帮你找到合适的租户, 代表您处理维护问题, 照顾好租户的顾虑, even help remove a problem tenant from your rental.

所以,你准备好体验心灵的平静了吗? 如果是这样,今天就和我们联系! 您可以通过拨号或 .

We are active members of professional organizations such as National Apartment Association, 多重上市服务, 全国住宅物业经理协会, 美国公寓协会. 我们也是一个认证的房地产经纪人.

If you own an investment property in any of the areas we serve, do give us a call. 同样,你可以通过电话或 . We are open from Monday through Friday, between 9AM and 5PM. 我们周末不营业.


在MN财产书呆子, our goal is to help take the burden of property management off your shoulders. It’s also for this same reason that we offer our clients comprehensive apartment management services.

From lease creation to rent collection to property showings to maintenance, we 可以帮助 you realize stress-free property management.


The following are some of the services we can provide you, 无论你是本地投资者还是外州投资者.

1. 起草租赁协议.

Do you need help drafting a legal and foolproof lease or rental agreement? 如果是这样,MN的属性迷们肯定能帮上忙. We will draft an agreement that will protect both you and your investment interests.

When drafting an agreement, our goal is to make the rules as clear and specific as possible. What’s more, we’ll also abide by any policies you might have. 例如,“禁止养宠物”的政策.

Additionally, as experienced property managers, we understand all tenancy laws. As such, we’ll make sure the lease we draft for you is law-abiding.

2. 按时收取租金.

Consistent rent collection is key to long-term success. Sadly, rent collection remains a top challenge for most landlords.

如果你雇佣我们, we’ll work hard to make sure your tenants take their lease responsibilities seriously. That’s why we always insist on a foolproof lease agreement in order to seal any loopholes a tenant may be taking advantage of.

除了一份简单的租赁协议, we also provide tenants with multiple payment options in order to make the process easy and convenient for them.

On our part, we’ll make sure you get your rental income, without delay, every month. 事实上,你应该期待它在10之间th 和15th 每个月的.

3. 代表您展示物业.

MN财产书呆子 can also help you with property showings. We use the opportunity to show prospective tenants why they should rent with you.


Our property managers are reliable and professional and are always helpful during these property showings. 他们不仅守时,而且穿着得体, 但它们也有帮助, kind and available to answer any question a potential tenant might have.

4. 进行租户放映.

在MN财产书呆子, we only believe in renting to the best possible tenant. The last thing we’d want is to rent to a tenant that pays rent late, 会导致各种问题, 和租金短期.

我们检查房客的收入, 信誉, 以及租金, 犯罪和就业背景. We leave nothing to chance in our quest to help you find the right tenant!

5. 定期进行物业维修.


For one, it helps keep the property attractive for prospective tenants. This can mean a good turn-around-time when it becomes vacant. Secondly, it helps keep a tenant happy, which can result into long-term tenancies. 第三, regular property maintenance ensures a property is abiding to all safety, 卫生和建筑规范.

除了进行定期的物业维护, we can also help you handle tenant maintenance requests. We have a team of professional handymen that can assist in this regard. 他们有保险、保税和执照.

6. 解决冲突.

如果您以前管理过物业, then you probably know that conflicts between landlords and tenants aren’t uncommon. From property damage to noise complaints to a parking problem, many issues could arise.


在解决, we’ll always make sure to abide by the lease agreement, 以及其他有关法律.


MN财产书呆子 is all about exceptional service delivery to its clients. 在管理你的财产时, 我们的目标是帮助您实现安心, as we understand that property management can be anything but easy.

Our property managers are here to help you succeed as a landlord. They are specially trained and fully licensed veterans of the real estate industry.

在MN财产书呆子, we make use of latest software and technologies to help facilitate our management and bring ease to owners. 具体地说, we use Buildium to help us achieve operational effectiveness when it comes to property management.


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